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Scenario Rules

  1. No driving DRAG cars on public roads Drag Cars and Race cars are prohibited at all times from any public road. They are allowed to be used only on approved Drag or Race tracks. The only approved use of Drag cars is on the Drag Strip currently located at Ft. Zancudo. Use of Drag Strip is allowed at all times.

  2. Off Road Rules: You cannot use regular vehicles off road, only OFF ROAD vehicles can be taken off-road. For example, off-road trucks, dirt bikes can be taken off road. Regular cars, sports cars, super cars cannot.

  3. No Drifting on public roads, it is a criminal offense, and if done in front of cops is cop-baiting, Drifters are permitted to use back mountain roads where there are no players, subject to in-game criminal rules, also Drifters can use the Drift Track at LSI airport regardless of the AOP location.

  4. No donuts on public roads, this is a criminal offense, and if done in front cops is cop-baiting.

  5. No shift boost (having drift mode on and tapping shift) and brake boost (accelerating and holding the brake) to increase speed is not allowed as it gives a very unfair advantage.

  6. No Deleting cars in Police Chase - If you are in a police chase you may not change car/color you can steal a new car but must not delete the original for at least 10 mins so the police can find your car and are not looking for a car that now doesn't exist.

  7. No Speed over 180 mph in Police Chase. If you are in a police chase, speeds must be limited to 180 mph. If you are caught exceeding that speed, you will be in violation of the rules, and subject to punishment. Even if police chase you at those speeds, it does not exempt you from being punished for doing it. 

  8. Returning To Crime Scenes: Players cannot return to Crime Scenes, or stick around Crime Scenes. Players who are criminals cannot return to scenes after they have been killed. You should NOT revive by EMS or Hospital until the Scene is over and the Police have told you it is ok. They may need to process evidence etc, so you must stay dead or injured until the scene is complete.  It is not allowed to revive in mid-scene using EMS, id you do you you must immediately leave the scene, you are not allowed to join in again to the scene, that is Fail RP. If you revive at the Hospital, you may not go back to the scene, wait for your friends to contact you that the scene is over.

  9. Property Ownership - Properties in the map can be owned by either a Civ Organization that has been officially approved, Players should avoid using owned properties. If the owner of the property asks players to leave, they must comply immediately. If there are any questions should be referred to Staff in #general-tickets

  10. Civilian Organizations - Non Criminal Civilian organizations are any group or organization of more than 3 people organized to perform a specific job or function in the server. For Example, a Towing Company, A Security Company etc.  Only organizations which are approved by SADOJRP Management are allowed to act in the capacity of a Civ Org. Approval instructions can be found on Discord. Non Criminal organizations are not authorized to use weapons or commit crimes as part of their organization.

  11. Civilian Organizations - Criminal  This is the same as above, only approved organizations are allowed, instructions are on Discord. The difference is, once approved Criminal Civ Orgs, such as Mafia etc, are allowed to commit crimes as part of the organization operations

  12. Hand Cuff Rules: Players should not "blindly" handcuff other players. If you are going to use handcuffs you need to engage the person first and establish RP. (Initiation: RP Rules) Handcuffing a person that you just walk up to in order to avoid conflict with the them is considered power gaming and FailRP and is not allowed.  The other person must understand you are going to rob them or commit a crime with them and then you can use the handcuffs.

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