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Agreeing to the Rules

You must review and understand and agree to the rules.

By connecting to the Discord and/or to the FiveM game server and engaging in game-play and or any communiction written or verbal, you are acknowledging and accepting that you have read, understand and at all times agree to follow all of the rules. You agree and accept that your actions are entirely your own, and not the responsibility of SADOJRP Server or Management. You are solely responsible for your actions, words and behaviors. You agree and affirm that if you are under 18, you have received your parent/guardian's approval to play on this server.

Ignorance of any of the Rules not an allowable excuse if you break them. All community members and visitors are expected to review these rules when they join our community, and are expected to check the rules for updates on a regular basis.


The SADOJRP Community Staff Team holds no responsibility nor liability to notify you of rule changes, modifications, additions, or removal and reserves the right to reasonably deviate from this document regarding punishment and utilize discretion in the enforcement of rules.

If you think you might get in trouble and/or think it might be against the rules, you shouldn’t do it. You can always ask Staff in Discord.

If you have a rule suggestions, want to appeal a ban or have any other issues or need help, please open a ticket in our Discord server.

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