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Media Rules

  1. Consent All players who join the Discord and/or the FiveM server(s), or other services of SADOJRP consent to being recorded by approved content creators, whether live or recorded.

  2. No Recording or posting unless approved Any recording or live streaming, posting of clips either live or recorded of the server (such as posting public recorded clips on YouTube or other media platforms), players, members or use of any likeness, image, game play or other information about the SADOJRP server and/or Discord or other content related to SADOJRP without express permission by Management is strictly prohibited.

  3. No Defamation: If you get pissed off, don't trash talk about SADOJRP Team, members or community, the server, or anyone that plays on the server. It's not professional.

  4. No Streaming without permission - Do NOT stream or record from our server without prior permission from Management and receiving the Media Team Tag in our Discord.

  5. Image Release: Any images posted on this discord may be used to display publicly on our Web site, You Tube or other official SADOJRP media, by posting images, you release claims to and give the right to use the images. We reserve the right to remove permission at anytime. If you do not have Media Team role in discord you do not have permission to stream our server.

  6. Content not created by SADOJRP remain the property of the creator, content created by SADORP remain the property of SADOJRP. By posting Links to your content SADOJRP properties, such as Web, Discord, etc., you give SADOJRP the right to use and refer to the links on our public web, media and other sites.

  7. These rules are non-negotiable, joining the Discord and/or playing on the server signifies your acceptance of all of the SADOJRP rules, if the rules are violated or content is unprofessional, permission for recording, streaming or posting SADOJRP will be revoked. 

  8. Management reserves the right to remove permission at any time for any reason, and all management decisions are final.

  9. It is your responsibility to keep updated and periodically review the rules.

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