RP Rules

All of the rules listed have associated punishments for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, etc. offenses.
The list of all punishments will be published on this site under Punishments when available.

  1. No Intent to Role Play (NITRP) is not tolerated. This is an RP server, players are here to RP, not to do GTA driving, have RDM and VDM, NITRP is not tolerated and strictly enforced.

  2. No VDM VDM is randomly going around in a vehicle and ramming or crashing into people for no reason and with no RP purpose. It is not allowed.

  3. No RDM RDM is randomly going around shooting, punching or attacking other players with no RP purpose. It is not allowed.

  4. No FailRP Fail RP occurs when characters in an RP scene break character, or do things that are not correct RP. This includes reviving after being killed, changing or re-spawning cars or any other action which is nor part of the RP scene. FailRP will result in Kick or Ban.

  5. New Life Rule (NLR) - We enforce a lite version of NLR, if you die, you can continue being your character, but you should not remember or go after anyone in a previous RP scene where you died. You should not have any memory of the events, and act as though it did not happen.

  6. No GTA Driving - GTA driving is driving at excessive speeds all of the time, crashing into objects, other cars or other players for no RP Purpose. It is not allowed.

  7. No Car Armor or Bullet Proof Tires: Armoured cars / tires are not allowed except for police vehicles.

  8. No Cars on Airfield Runways Driving or racing cars on Airfield Runways is prohibited.

  9. Do not abuse "super cars" : Supercars or Exotic Cars are considered any vehicle with a IRL price of $80K or higher, Super Cars are subject to all of the rules including GTA Driving at excessive speeds and all other rules. If you are driving a super car, you are still not allowed to break any of the rules. 

  10. No Combat Logging combat logging is knowingly leaving the server to avoid continuing an RP scene or to avoid Staff. Violators will be banned.

  11. No Avoiding Staff besides combat logging (above) to avoid Staff, any other action to avoid a staff situation will result in a ban. Actions such as not stopping when asked by staff, running away, teleporting somewhere else or any avoidance short of combat logging is considered Avoiding Staff and will result in a ban.

  12. No Sexual or Erotic RP violators will be banned.

  13. No Vest RP You cannot RP that you are wearing a bullet proof vest and self-revive in an RP scene just because you say you were wearing it.  You are allowed to add Armor to your character through the menu.  When the game says you are dead, you are dead and must follow the rules for Self-Revive in RP.

  14. No Mic or Chat Spamming Mic Spamming is yelling loudly, screaming into your mic. Chat spamming (including In Game and Discord) is spamming the same thing over and over in text for an extended period. If you are seen or heard spamming, you will be kicked or banned. This includes using any sound board or voice changers or sending loud sounds through voice chat or radio or RTO.

  15. No GTA Peds You are not allowed to use stock GTA characters in our RP server. You must make a customized Ped using the F1 Menu and MP Ped Customization. Such Custom Peds can be saved and also used as your default Ped once saved. Anyone in a GTA ped will be warned and asked to change it. If players persistently use GTA Peds, they will be then kicked then banned.

  16. No Animal RP No player is allowed to use an Animal Ped, if players are found in Animal Peds and asked to change out, and do not, they will be banned.

  17. No Injecting into RP Scenes If you see an RP scene going on, and you are not part of it, either directly, or indirectly, you must stay out if it or you may be kicked or banned. If you see someone who has been pulled over do not interfere with the scenario unless you are involved, drive past in a normal fashion If you see a robbery taking place don't be a hero drive to a safe location and call the police. If you see a police chase do not get involved, you can give directions if asked by a police officer, but do not try to ram the suspect, shoot and or join the pursuit. If you want to be involved in police chases, join LEO.

  18. No Forced RP you should never force a player to do an RP scene. If they say they do not want to RP with you, then leave them alone. If you are a player who does not want to RP particular scene, you MUST say, I do not want to RP this scene and leave. IF you do not say you don't want to RP, the other party will not be responsible and you cannot complain about it to staff.

  19. No Meta Gaming Do not use any information you may be aware of to give you an advantage in RP situations. Examples would be seeing the name of the person Speaking in game, seeing a message in "/ooc" or any other information outside of the RP scene, Even if you recognize the voice of the player they may be RP'ing as a different character, so make sure you don't call them by the wrong name. Follow the RP scene, don't go out of character even if you know the person. (Staff and LEO have specific rules on Meta Gaming, and staff is expected not to Meta Game when doing RP Scenes)

  20. No cop baiting. Do not purposefully try and get police attention on you by doing things you would not do with an officer near you. This includes, doing burn outs, purposefully revving your motor at lights to bait a pull over/chase, purposely committing traffic violations in the vicinity of a police officer.

  21. No non police emergency lights on public roads - All Civilians are prohibited from driving vehicles with emergency lights flashing or in operation on public roads. Such vehicles with such lights are only allowed by authorized agencies such as Police, EMS, DOT or Towing.  Any other Civilian Org is not allowed to operate the emergency lights of vehicles which may be provided to them at any time on public roads.

  22. No Ambush RP: you may not just shoot people from a distance and leave, this is considered FailRP/RDM. If you want to ambush someone with any weapon, you can do so for "hits" etc, but you must let the person know there is a bounty or hit on them and they must agree before you can do the Ambush RP.  (If they do not agree it will be considered Force RP if you do it). Using any weapon to randomly kill people without it being part of a scene or agreement will be considered RDM and/or Force RP

  23. Use of Sniper weapons in crimes: We allow sniper weapons to be used by all members as long as it is part of an RP scene, meaning a scene has to have already been started before a sniper weapon can be used. Using a sniper to randomly kill people without it being part of a scene or agreement will be considered RDM. An example would be starting a bank robbery and having police arrive on scene. You cannot ambush the police, but once the police are engaged in the scene, you could use a sniper weapon against the police during the scene, also the police can use them against the criminals.  If you ambush someone (shooting from a distance and leaving, that is not RP and is a violation) See above No Ambush RP.

  24. No Suicide RP: We do not allow RP scenes involving suicide of any kind.

  25. No Bomb RP Explosive Weapons are blacklisted and are not allowed at any time,

  26. No Terrorist RP Terrorist RP is never permitted. Even though it might happen IRL, it is a sensitive subject for many, so we do not allow it at any time.

  27. No Military RP- you are never allowed to RP as any kind of Military, use military vehicles or military weapons

  28. No Weapons on Vehicles - you are never allowed to use a weapon on a vehicle, which includes any kind of vehicle. Even if the vehicle can be spawned with a weapon, you must delete the vehicle and not use the vehicle or the weapon which is part of the vehicle. 

  29. No Gang RP without being approved Gang -  Gangs can apply in Discord for Criminal Organizations, but must be approved before RP'ing as the Gang.

  30. No Political/Social IRL RP - Everyone has a different viewpoint on social and political issues IRL, so to be fair to everyone, we do not allow RP any kind of Real World issues politics, situations etc at any time. Just don't do it. 

  31. No Plane Crashes YIf you are able to purchase an aircraft ypu must follow these rules:

    • While flying it is nor permitted to crash your plan, even for RP purposes at any time. If you wish to stage an aircraft emergency, you can do so by contacting Staff and LEO Supervisors in advance, we are happy to have interesting Aircraft RP. The Aircraft emergency RP should NOT involve Crashing. You may never crash your aircraft into a building.

  32. Aircraft Maneuvers You may conduct standard aircraft maneuvers such as touch and go, practice landing, practice aborted take-off/landing, however, you may NOT perform any such maneuver that will result in a crash, and must do so only on marked and approved airfields and/or runways.

  33. Aircraft Stunts You can only perform Aircraft Stunts away from populated areas. If there is a danger of crashing as a part of the stunt, you must practice the stunts over the ocean, never over land.

  34. Green zones are crime-free. It is FailRP to runaway from a crime and enter a green zone. No Criminal RP should be brought to a Green Zone. You are not allowed to "camp out" in greenzones to ambush other players as they leave, or loiter in greenzones.  There is a time limit of 10 minutes in a green zone unless you are conducting business (such as in the hospital because you are injured or you have business at the Police Station).
    We usually enforce green-zones in-game, however, in case it is not restricted by the game, these places are still a green zones, and the rules still apply:

    1. Police Stations​

    2. Emergency Stations (Fire/EMS)

    3. Hospitals 

    4. Garages

    5. Other Designated Locations (check with Staff)

      The purpose of the green zone loitering rule is to prevent RDM/VDM and promote players to engage in RP instead of just hanging around in large groups at one place, which will also impact players frame rates and game quality.

      If you are loitering in a Green Zone AND VDMing people with your car you you will be charged with RDM and GreenZone violation rules which will be more severe.


  35. If Police are offline, No PVP crimes - PVP (Player v.s. Player) crimes, such as robberies, kidnappings, murders, stealing vehicles from players, etc. are not allowed when there are no police (LEO) on line. However, if there is a mutual agreement within both parties, it is allowed as long as you let an admin know ahead of time, and you are aware that no Police will respond.

  36. Self-Revive (Reviving after being "killed" in RP Scenes. Remember you are still in RP. Whether Civ or LEO, if you are dead stay dead. If you revive, this is called "Self Rev" and you may be kicked or banned. You shouuld not Revive or Leave the Scene until the Scene is over or you are instructed to do so. This includes NOT sending yourself to the Hospital until the Scene is over, and NOT calling the AI Medic during a Scene.  If you call AI medicwhile the Scene is going on, you will be subject to punishment for Self-Revive.

  37. When EMS are on duty, do not re-spawn without permission. If you were killed in a way where you cannot be revived, please let the medics know in RP. For example, /me was shot in the head multiple times and has no pulse. If you revive and leave or re-spawn, you are not allowing EMS to have a chance to RP.  Once EMS has handled the scene and RP is over you can re-spawn.

  38. No unreasonable money demands If you are robbing a player, do not make unreasonable demands for cash. It is not reasonable to expect a person on the street will have $10K on them. maybe $100, or all of their cash.

  39. You cannot kidnap/rob the same player more than once within 24 hours unless RP is agreed upon. There must be a mutual agreement. Keep in mind, you can be interrupting their RP.

  40. If you plan to kidnap any player, there must be at least 4 officers on-duty. If you are unsure on how many cops are on duty, you can use the /cops command

  41. COP/EMS Kidnapping is prohibited at all times, unless agreed ahead of time with the COP, the LEO supervisor.  You cannot kidnap or kill a cop/medic if they are the only cop/medic on-duty.

  42. No Policing the Police If you feel you have been mistreated in a police RP situation, do not police the police. Use the proper channels (IE: Reporting said officer to a higher up in RP). Do not contact an admin unless the officer is clearly breaking a server rule. Consider abuse of power as in character and report it as you see fit in RP. If Police are breaking server rules, call for admin, use in game /report, or open an IA ticket in Discord.

  43. No Toleration for continued disregard for in game laws including traffic, felony and misdemeanor laws will not be tolerated. This does not mean that you cannot break laws, it just means that driving excessively fast everywhere you go (GTA Driving), running every light at high speeds, starting fights for little to no RP reason (FailRP) or any other form of non-RP activity will not be tolerated.

  44. Just because you are friends with a person, does not permit you to kill them for no reason. Everything must be RP'd out to the fullest, or you will receive consequences, it is considered FailRP