Community Rules

These rules apply to In-Game, Discord or any other media provided by SADOJRP for communication.

  1. You must respect one another at all times, in and out of RP. Any words and/or language used by you and/or directed to others regarding (but not limited to)  race, gender, religion, creed, sexual identity, disabilities, speech impediment and any and all other protected classes is not tolerated and will result in an immediate permanent non appealable ban.  This includes all such language, whether "joking", directed to yourself and/or "in RP" or otherwise, it is never allowed in any form. 

  2. No NSFW Content This server does not support "NSFW", there are no channels here to post NSFW content and NSFW content is strictly prohibited and will result in a non-appealable ban.

  3. No Personal Information Never give any kind or personal information to anyone. When you submit a Department Application, limited information is requested, such as age, and the information is never disclosed outside of the Administrators reviewing your application.
    Any IRL actions or threats towards anyone in the community is not tolerated, and will result in an immediate ban and the incident(s) will be reported to the proper authorities.

  4. No Complaining/Arguing in Public Channels All members are expected to take all disputes to either the ticket system or private messages. Arguing in Discord voice and text channels, in game or in RTO is not allowed. Complaining in general, and not following the suggestion system or not contact staff about an issue, is not allowed. Under this is also complaining about pings. Unless pings are spamming in nature, don’t complain about them.

  5. No Arguing with Staff If a Staff Member gives you an instruction or asks you to leave a scene do not argue with Staff.  If you have a problem you can raise the issue through the proper channels such as IA ticket in Discord. Arguing in game or in Discord is not going to help anyone. 

  6. English Language You must be able to understand and speak English.

  7. No Mic No Play: You must have a working microphone.

  8. You must have access to Discord. We are Discord Whitelisted, which means you must join our Discord before you can play on the server. We use Discord as the primary community communications forum.

  9. Follow Chain of Command: If a problem needs to be resolved, always use the chain of command when contacting staff. Speak to a T-Mod, then Moderator first before speaking to Admins.

  10. Do not backseat admin whether in game or in discord. We appreciate all that care about the community and want to help out but please leave this to our administrators who are tasked to take care of situations.

  11. No Injecting or interrupting in Staff Scenes - if there is a staff situation  do not interfere. If you are told by a staff member to leave the scene, you should leave. If you do not leave you may be warned, kicked or banned depending on Staff decision.

  12. No Advertising, Links or invites to other servers including links in steam names, discord names, discord status discord avatars or icons with other server names are not allowed. You will be asked to remove them. You may place links to our community in your discord status, but not other servers while you are a member of our community. If you are asked to remove them and do not, you will be banned from the discord community.

  13. No Backdoor recruiting, i.e. sending links to our members and requesting them to join other FiveM servers is prohibited and will result in permanent ban, and the offending community will be put on the community blacklist. We believe the best way to get members is to earn them, not steal them.

  14. OTHER SERVERS: We would prefer you play exclusively on our server. For Staff and Department Members, see your Department SOP for Rules for other servers. When paying on SADOJRP, do not use steam names from other servers including call signs or references to other servers, change your name to reflect our in game requirements. If you are asked to change your name, and you persistently do not, you will be kicked then banned. Discussing other servers you may play on or want to play on is not allowed in Discord or in game at any time.

  15. Steam and discord names:
    Your Steam Name and Discord Names must match (you can change your nickname in our discord to match your steam name.

    1. No Custom Colors are allow in your name (except for approved Staff)

    2. No Special Characters in names are allowed, you will be kicked and asked to change 

    3.  No offensive names allowed. You will receive one warning/kick.

    4. No political or controversial names You will receive one warning/kick

    5. If you continue to join after being warned/kicked with the offensive name, you will be banned.

  16. Do not be toxic to players in game, discord or in DM's.

  17. No Defamation: If you get pissed off, don't talk shit about SADOJ Team, members or community, the server, or anyone that plays on the server. There's a fine line between voicing your opinion and being an ass. Please stay on the correct side of that line and keep to constructive criticism, only.

  18. Admin Recording: All players who join the Discord and/or the FiveM server(s) consent to being recorded by Administrators of the server for the purposes of rule enforcement. Any such recording is for the private use of the Administrators and player involved in a staff situation only.

  19. No Recording  No one is allowed to use recordings of the game, or discord, or any other community communication platform, except for proof if involved in an Admin situation All Players agree that all recordings made of the server, other members, discord or TeamSpeak must be deleted if not needed for staff situations. Other uses of such recordings is prohibited, except for those approved in Streamer/Media rules. Members are not allowed to post clips used for administrative purposes on public media channels such as You Tube. If clips are posted on such a channel and are private, they must be deleted after used, and are not allowed to be made public. 

  20. Image Release: Any images posted on SADOJRP Discord may be used to display publicly on our Web site, You Tube or other official SADOJRP media, by posting images, you release claims to and give the right to use the images.

  21. Leaked Files:  We do not use or accept leaked files in any way, we believe giving credit to creators and makers, because we also are "creators" of our community,  we support the FiveM developmetn and modeling community by never using leaked files.  Sources of our models, maps and scripts are free sources such as GTA5Mods, and paid sources from where we purchase models, maps or scripts. Sometimes leaked files can get into free content.  We constantly review our files and if we find any leaked files, we will immediately remove them. If we receive a report of a leaked file being on our system, we will investigate the source of the files and if it is leaked will will permenantly remove it.